If you're feeling hopeless because you've already tried everything else, don't give up now. I can help

I Know How Frustrated, Depressed and Hopeless A Persistent Recurring Ailment or Illness Can Make You Feel

Maybe you've already tried some or all of these

You might even be at a point where you think you might just be stuck with this problem for the rest of your life

You're Not!

I understand the negative impact that deteriorating health can have on your life because I've lived it. I know how hard it can be to believe that something will work when other things that should've worked have failed.

But Homeopathy is Different

When I take your case I'll dig deep to find and treat the root cause of your illness.

When I've taken your case and worked on it, the homeopathic remedy I give you will work on a cellular level.

Basically it's gonna kickstart your immune system allowing your body to heal itself FOR GOOD!

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How The Right Homeopath Can Restore Your Health

Homeopathic Medicine

The World Health Organization recognizes Homeopathy as the second most practiced form of medicine in the world, with the first being Traditional Chinese medicine.
Although not so well known in the Western world, Homeopathy is highly regarded for being more curative than palliative. In Homeopathic Medicine we take the whole person into account when taking a case. This means taking into account not only the physical manifestations of illness, but the lifestyle, spiritual and emotional well being of the patient.
On the intake we look at all physical symptoms from head to toe, including sensations of pain, what makes things better or worse. We gather all this information so that we can find the medicine most similar to you, and when taking these medicines it is a reminder to your body to correct iteself.


Typically the only time lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise come up with your doctor are when you are already experiencing serious health problems as a result. Exercise has been show to be as effective in treating depression as potent anti-depressants. A well balanced and healthy diet is often overlooked by western medicine in favour of a seemingly quick fix, like a prescription. Most doctors do not even acknowledge that diet can treat and often reverse diseases like heart disease and diabetes. We will discuss your lifestyle and I will make reccomedations to help you find the most health promoting diet and exercise plan for you.

Spiritual well being

An integrated approach to health care incorporates spirtuality and mindfullness. It simply brings in methods to quiet the voice in the head that torments so many people in today's society. I have studied Eckhart Tolle's techniques in order to help others in achieving a place of stillness and peace to be able to gain mental clarity. The benefits of meditation have now been well studied and documented and have been shown to improve everything from a surge in creativity to an enhanced immune system.

Emotional optimization

Unresolved personal issues such as grief, sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, unresolved traumas of the past can manifest into, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, hopelessness, lack of self confidence, lack of motivation, addictions and weight gain. Sometimes in regards to moving forward from these emotional issues; techniques to forgive yourself and others can be most helpful.

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