I previously worked in a bedding department where I was trained in sleep assessments using a body mapping system. I would get into deep conversations with customers not only about their sleep needs, but they would also tell me about their health problems and how they were looking for an alternative to our regular medical system. At this time, I myself had started treatment with a Homeopath for reoccurring pneumonias, asthma and grief. I began to experience better health and a sense of overall well being with treatment. The physical illness was a direct result of the suppression of grief and when given a medicine that targeted the grief I returned back to a state of physical and mental health like when I was a child.

This was enough proof for me that Homeopathy is an amazing alternative so I moved to Toronto for three years to secure the best education in the medical art of homeopathic medicine that one can attain in Canada. While attending the college I practiced both in an internship and externship clinic. This allowed me to witness incredible results in the treatment of pretty much any ailments you can think of including the common childhood ailments ADD, ADHD, and autism. I really appreciate that homeopathic medicine’s work well alongside other forms of medicine.

No two people are the same and should never be treated as such. I have always appreciated the individually of every single person that I meet and here is a medicine that perfectly emulates this sense. The amazing thing is it treats people at the energetic level and reminds the body how to heal itself.

I graduated from CCHM in June 2018 with a Diploma in Classical Homeopathy and will continue to study Classical Homeopathy in post graduate programs.

Although I enjoy spending time with family I feel that my true calling at this stage of my life is helping others to attain a better state of health. Watching a patient transform into their healthy self is the most rewarding experience for me.

Norine Gibson natural healer

Norine Gibson

The activities I enjoy most in life are: hiking, canoeing, camping, walking and the overall peace and tranquility that can always be found out in nature.

Patient Testimonials

"I got to ‘know of’ Norine in a passing conversation with a friend and thought of giving her ‘a try too’ for some chronic ailments that I had learnt to live with over the years and countless unsuccessful treatments. Little did I know that chance meeting will have a major influence over my life that day onwards.
Norine’s approach was unlike any other I had ever seen from any physician I have visited. Very patiently and with a lot of care and empathy, Norine made every attempt to know the complete ‘me’ and from there on began the transformation journey that has had a major impact on my physiological, emotional and spiritual well being. She didn’t apply patchwork remedy to mask one set of symptoms; rather worked on the deeply rooted, complex, seemingly unconnected and disparate ailments to provide wholistic treatment. What sets Norine apart is her genuine and sincere desire to help, which she provides in the most compassionate and caring way. I didn’t feel like just another patient whenever I was with Norine. She genuinely was interested in helping me be better and went to great efforts in supporting me through this journey. She didn’t choose the easy path of prescribing some remedies and set up a follow up appointment. She was and continues to there for me every-time I have needed her and the connection we formed during this journey is uniquely precious. Thank you Norine from the bottom of my heart."


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